Matlab & Image Processing

2-Days Workshop Course Contents

Introduction to MATLAB

  • What is MATLAB
  • The dominance of MATLAB over other
  • Power of Matrix computations
  • The application of MATLAB in various
    fields of engineering
  • MATLAB Environment

Arithmetic Functions in MATLAB

  • Matrixes and Vectors
  • Creating Matrixes and VectorsMatrix Operation
  • Array Operation
  • Indexing Matrix
  • Adding Elements to Vector or Matrix
  • Various Flow Control used in
  • MATLAB2D & 3D
  • graphical Plotting

1st Day 2nd session

Introduction to Image Processing

  • What is Image Data
  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Importing Image
  • How to build a matrix image
  • Image Display
  • Image Operations
  • Image Conversion

Image Arithmetic

  • Adding Images
  • Subtracting Images
  • Multiplying Images
  • Dividing Images
  • Spatial Transformation
  • Resizing Images
  • Rotating Images
  • Cropping Images

Image Filtration

  • What is Image Restoration
  • Noise and Images
  • Noise Models
  • Noise removal using spatial domain
  • Periodic noise
  • Noise removal using frequency domain

2nd Day 1st session

Morphological Image Processing

  • Mathematic Morphology
  • Z2 and Z3
  • Basic set theory
  • Logic Operations
  • Structuring Element
  • How to describe Structuring
  • Basic Morphological Operations
  • Erosion
  • Dilation
  • Combining Erosion and Dilation
  • Filtering Application

Introduction to Graphical User Interface

Application and Demos

2nd Day 2nd session

Zonal Competition

After the hand on theory and practical
experience from the workshop, Zonal
Round Competition will be conducted

Project to be covered

1. 2D & 3D Graphical
2. Image Comparison
3. Image Pairing
4. Matrices Manipulation
5. Filtering of Noise
6. Red Object Detection
7. GUI Based Calculator
8. GUI Based Image

1st Stage (To be held at Zonal Centers)

  • Competitions will be held at different Zonal centers through workshop on BiG DATA HADOOP.
  • All the participants who want to participate in AppsFluxus-2017 Championship are required to attend the workshop at any zonal center.

2nd Stage (Prelims rounds to be held at zonal center):

  • Just after the workshop a Prelims Rounds of AppsFluxus-2017 will held at zonal center.
  • Winners will be awarded with Certificate of Merit and will be eligible to participate in Final Rounds which will be held on March 2017 at IIT-Roorkee.

3rd Stage (FINAL Round to be held at IIT-Roorkee):

  • Winners of zonal centers will be called to participate in the biggest final round of AppsFluxus’17 championship will held at IIT-Roorkee
  • Top 3 Teams will be awarded as winners of The AppsFluxus’17 championship & will be awarded & honored by Cognizance,IIT-Roorkee.

Grand final competition

Grand finale of all zonal center winners will be in March at IIT-Roorkee

Zonal Level Competition Prelims

Prelims Rounds will be held just after the completion of workshop at zonal center

Zonal Level Workshop

2-Days workshop on Matlab & Image Processing will be organized by AppsFluxus-2017 at zonal center

Finland DVD to each participant to help them learn more about Big Data & Hadoop Development tools and videos after the training.

Benefits to the participants

  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.
  • The Certificate of Participation in association with Cognizance IIT-R.
  • Free CD/DVD containing Software Resource Toolkit
  • Zonal center’s winners will be called to participate in the final round will be held at IIT-Roorkee.
  • Top Teams will be awarded as winners with the certificate of honor & respected prizes at IIT-Roorkee

Benefits of association with APPSFLUXUS-2017

  • Name and Logo including website link will be published on our official website mentioning that “You are our Official Zonal Partner”.
  • Authorized Team will visit your College to organize the entire event.
  • The chance to get signs the MOU between Finland labs New delhi & Your estimated college.
  • An email will be sent to more than 1 lack users of our web partners about your college publicity.
  • Posters and Flexes will be sent to you for effective regional publicity.
  • All India publicity through Web marketing will also be done.

Zonal Competition:

After the hand on theory and practical experience from the workshop, Zonal Round Competition will be conducted for the participants.

Who should go for this workshop?

Predictions say 2015 will be the year Hadoop finally becomes a cornerstone of your business technology agenda. To stay ahead in the game, Hadoop has become a must-know technology for the Graduates aiming to build a career in Big Data.

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

Knowledge of core java concepts is the pre-requisite for this course. We provide a complimentary course i.e. “Java Essentials for Hadoop” to all the participants who enroll for the Hadoop Training.

What are the other requirement for this training program?<>/h3

  • Seminar hall/classroom having the enough capacity to conduct hands-on-session for all participants.
  • Good Quality public address system ideally two cordless mikes will be required.
  • Projector/ Screen along with black/white board for teaching and presentation purposes.
  • One small stereo jack cord to in laptop for its sound system.
  • This workshop can only be arranged for a minimum of 60 Participants 2-Days accommodation to our resource team

Workshop Duration:

2-Days (7-8 hours each day)

Workshop Fee:

Registration Fees: – 1200 per student only (The fees include training, Certification and event
Registration and a free Matlab & Image Processing kit to each Group.)

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